I’m a passionate creator, whether it’s music, directing, clothes, health, fitness. I just love being apart of things I believe in.

Below are all the different projects I’m involved in.


VINCENT GEORGE – My solo project

It’s taken a long time to develop confidence to put out my own music. This is my place to be unapologetically me.

EGYPT LANE STUDIOS – My recording studio

Over the years I’ve been told how relaxed the environment is at Egypt Lane Studios

It’s not the biggest but I believe the vibe is up there being buried in an area of outstanding beauty in Burnham Beeches.

LOWER YOUR SHOULDER – My clothing company  

Lower Your Shoulder’s original concept was developed by my close friend and musician Ben McKelvey. Growing up in the punk scene, we had dreamt of running our own clothing line. The bird logo and name represent creativity, freedom of expression and hard graft against the world.


STAY YOUNG – My health & fitness course

Stay Young is nutrition & fitness programme developed alongside close friend and musician Ben McKelvey. Ben being a level 3 trained personal trainer, both discovered an interest and passion for health and after Ben became a Dad, we developed a desire to help fellow Dad’s lose life changing weight and feel their best after growing frustrated with the lack of education companies such as Weight Watchers and Slimming World in relation to food.